Data for 2009 Israel Indonesia
Population 7.5 M 235M
GDP (ppp) $206 B $963 B
Budget (ppp) $59 B $102 B
GDP/capita $ 24,000 $ 4,000
GDP (agriculture) 2.6 % 15.3 %
GDP (industry) 32 % 47.5 %
GDP (services) 65 % 37.1%
Investment/GDP 16.4% 31.3%
External debt $85 B $150 B
Income distribution (GINI) 39.2 39.4
Labor (agriculture) 2% 42.6%
Labor (industry) 16% 18.6%
Labor (services) 82% 39.3%
Electricity production 54.4 Bkwh 134 Bkwh
Exports $46 B $120 B
Imports $46 B $84.3 B
Phones-land 3 M 30 M
Phones-cell 8.4 M 140 M
Internet 2.1 M 30 M

6 Responses to Israel/Indonesia

  1. amiram omer says:

    dear sir

    i need suppliers of latex gloves in indinesia


    • manolito says:

      As I wrote to you by e-mail, please send me the specs and estimated quantities and I will get you an offer.

      kind regards,

      Emanuel Shahaf

  2. We are organising an international congress in Bali and a number of Israeli doctors would like to attend. Do you have any information on how they can obtain a visa?

    • manolito says:

      Dear Charlotte,
      The only way to obtain a visa at this time is to contact the Israeli embassy in Singapore at – look up “visas” in our website and follow the instructions . If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

      kind regards,

      Emanuel Shahaf,

  3. Rafi says:

    is it posibble to get a visa to Indonesia ?
    is it safety place for israeli people ?
    do we have bussiness with Indonesian companies ?
    thank you

  4. Negari says:

    I am a VP in stated own enterprise. I have a bussiness proposal to develop energy service company (ESCO) in Indonesia. I invite investor to invest ESCO bussinees in Indonesia. Please contact me…

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